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What do you want to know?

While this site attempts to put Verwood History into a Chronological order with reminiscences  and articles and new information as it is found. If you want a good read about Verwood History then why not purchase a copy of the book by Jill Coulthard - "Village to Town"  which is packed with information.

Current Freemen of Verwood.

In 2023 5 more people were awarded "Freemen of Verwood".

The Church of the Ascension, Woodlands
In January 2014 a new article written by the Rector was added

Pam Reeks awarded the BEM in 2014
A New article has been added about the awarding of the British Empire Medal to Verwood’s Pam Reeks for services to the community in the 2014 Honours List.

Publications About Verwood.


A book is available about the village called,

was published in 2007
It was written and compiled by Jill Coulthard.

Priced at £10 it is still available from the Verwood Heathland Heritage Centre (9:30am – 12 noon, Mon. to Sat.).


There have been 2 further publications in 2010.
The book celebrating 50 years of  

"Verwood Memorial Hall "
  which includes 50 years of  memories and anecdotes
  with photos, some in colour,  of the Memorial Hall.

Another book  published in 2009 by
Verwood Methosit Church celebrates
"100 Years at Vicarage Road".

including :-
A Report of the pre-history of Methodism in Verwood 
prior to 1909 and a record of Activities and 
personal memories of the years 1909 until 2009.



Verwood.Org Sites


This site contains Verwood general community Information including the "What's On" page.

This is the site of the "Verwood Heathland Heritage Centre".

This is the site of the "Verwood & 3LX" Twinning Association".

This is the site that is aimed at giving information about the history of Verwood including its chronology with reminiscences and pictures.



   Verwood, Dorset UK. - Where is it!  


VERWOOD, (Developed from FAIRWOOD, FAYREWOOD, WRTWOOD & WEIRWOOD) was first recorded in 1329 and is situated on the far eastern boundary of Dorset near the Hampshire border, five miles north-west of Ringwood and about twelve miles north of Bournemouth. It became a Civic Parish in l894. Previously it's history was recorded under Cranborne. It became a town in 1987.

Its ALTITUDE above sea level varies between 70 and 130 feet. The CLIMATE is mild and the average RAINFALL is approximately 32 inches. 

To the north and east lie areas of coniferous forests and to the west are mixed farms. There are two tracks of heath which are of Special Scientific Interest. 

   Verwood, Dorset UK. - Brief History!  


 For centuries it was a small, scattered settlement whose inhabitants made a living from the surrounding heathland.  The clay and sand deposits gave rise to potteries and brick and tile yards in the early 1900's, with the heath providing materials for besom making, fodder & peat.  Eventually it became the centre of production of the distinctive yellowy-green glazed pots. Potters, brickmakers, broom makers and the like all plied their trades alongside the traditional agricultural workers.   Today it is a fast growing town of some 14,000 and rising.

Development of Verwood is relatively recent and it was only in the last century that the settlement built its own small cob church which was consecrated in 1829. Till then the village, together with Alderholt, had been part of the huge parish of Cranborne. Parochial Status for Verwood was granted in 1887.


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